Tips For Conducting A Successful Legal Marketing Webinar

A legal marketing webinar can drive traffic to your legal service. If you are wondering how best to approach a webinar of this nature, then there are many strategies you can use to ensure that your webinar is a success. Here are some tips you can use.


You should collaborate with other legal firms to create webinars that are creative and bring several perspectives to the table. You don't have to collaborate with those who offer the same legal services you do. Instead you can collaborate with firms that offer services that will complement your own. In this way you can create a webinar that is highly informative and engaging.

Steer Away From The Norm

Most webinars showcase PowerPoint slides with someone talking in the background. This format is what regulars to webinars are used to. Engage your audience by having a discussion webinar instead. Let your attendees ask questions and then answer them live. In this way you can find out what your potential clients are thinking, and you can give them comprehensive answers to their questions. Ahead of the webinar you can ask attendees to send in their questions for you to answer during your live chat.

Pitch Your Services

The way you conduct your webinar is the ultimate sales pitch. However, make sure that you find ways to talk yourself up and give clear details about how your legal services work and how they can help your attendees. You also want to come to the webinar with an offer on the table. This means that you should have a discount deal available right there on the spot. You also want to make sure that the offer is time sensitive. It should have an expiration date in the near future. Urgency is one of the key marketing strategies you can use to secure more clients quickly.

Post The Webinar

Just because someone registered for your webinar but didn't show up doesn't mean that they are a cold lead. A myriad of things may have happened to prevent their attendance. With this in mind you should have a recording of the webinar that you can direct them to listen to via email. You should also make the replay time sensitive to prompt them to listen to it quickly.

A legal marketing webinar is a great way to secure new clients and get your law firm on the map. However, you must take a strategic approach when planning your webinar. Follow the guidelines given here and you should have a lot of success with your legal marketing webinar.

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